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Genuine OE New and
Remanufactured  Turbos







BTN Turbo has 50 years’ experience in the turbocharger industry and is the world’s largest independent turbo supplier. Offering brand new OEM first fit, Original Manufacturer’s Remanufactured turbos and Heavy Commercial OEM new and remanufactured turbos, all 100% OE.


Whichever turbo you choose from BTN, it’s always OE.

All turbos supplied by BTN Turbo are full Original Equipment specification, to perform exactly as the vehicle manufacturer intended.



OE New

Original Equipment First Fit Turbos

  • Factory fresh, first fit turbos straight from the original production line.
  • Exactly the same as supplied by main dealers.
  • Competitively priced.
  • 2 year warranty and FREE FitKit.


OE Reman

Original Manufacturer’s Exchange Turbos

  • Direct from original turbo manufacturer, made on the same production line as OE New – using 100% OE parts to OE Spec.
  • Save up to 35% on turbos for a wide range of vehicles, including popular older models.
  • £140 surcharge refunded on return of the old unit.
  • 2 year warranty and FREE FitKit.



New OE and OE remanufactured Turbos

  • Our brand-new OE or 100% OE Reman turbos fit a wide range of diesel heavy commercial applications (including agricultural, off-highway and marine).
  • two-year, no quibble warranty.
  • £140 surcharge refunded on return of old unit.
  • If the unit fails, for any reason, within 12 months of purchase, we’ll replace it free — no argument.




Best Price, Best Quality:

Every turbo is 100% Original Equipment — the same as you’d get from a franchised dealer, at a more compelling price point.




Extensive Range:

Over 18,000 OE New & OE Reman turbos in stock, for next-day delivery.




It’s all Included:

We provide a FREE FitKit, including oil filled pre-priming injector for safer first start-up.





2 Year Warranty:

All replacement turbos are covered by our 2-year warranty. Commercial vehicles are also covered by our No Quibble Warranty for 12-months from POS

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Sales – 01174 288107 / [email protected]

Accounts – 01173 749733

Warranty – 01174 288106 / [email protected]