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Looking for a battery that won’t let you down? Look no further than Platinum, a leading brand in the UK known for its exceptional durability, performance, and reliability.

Platinum utilise cutting-edge technology and undergo rigorous testing to ensure they can withstand the demands of everyday use.

Whether you’re facing a tough commute, a weekend adventure, or extended periods off the grid, Platinum deliver the consistent power you need.


Unmatched Durability: Engineered to last, Platinum batteries resist wear and tear, providing a long lifespan and exceptional value.

Peak Performance: Delivering consistent power, Platinum batteries ensure your vehicle starts smoothly and your electronic devices function optimally.

Unshakeable Reliability: You can count on Platinum batteries to perform flawlessly, even in challenging conditions.


Platinum offer a wide range of batteries.

Our range of batteries are engineered to meet and exceed the specification of batteries fitted by the Vehicle Manufacturer.

Here, we seek to explain important developments in the European battery market, whilst highlighting how our range has been improved and developed, to deal with such changes and new opportunities.


The Platinum range of automotive batteries is engineered to meet and exceed the specifications of batteries fitted by the vehicle manufacturer. The wide range covers Start/Stop AGM& AFB, Platinum Prestige Plus & Prestige, meaning whatever the application Platinum has a battery.


The Platinum range provides premium power and performance for commercial vehicles including heavy goods vehicles, trucks, agricultural equipment, and construction vehicles. With high cyclic capability and vibration resistance, up to V2+, these batteries ensure reliable power and long life across various applications.


Crafted to cater to the discerning needs of modern motorcycling enthusiasts, the Platinum range boasts batteries tailored for every application. Whether it’s a fully sealed AGM battery offering versatile installation options or a conventional acid battery, rest assured that choosing a Platinum Motorcycle battery ensures top-notch quality, formidable power, and unwavering durability.

Portable Power

Discover the perfect solution for leisure and marine enthusiasts with the Platinum Portable Power range. All Platinum Portable Power batteries are NCC verified, ensuring trust and reliability from our Advanced Technology line with AGM & AFB technology and up to 360 cycles to the maintenance-free Portable Power range.


Platinum VRLA batteries are crafted to tackle the toughest challenges in commercial, cyclic, motive, traction, uninterrupted power supplies, and standby applications. These batteries offer exceptional deep cycling capability, resistance to deep discharge, and unmatched durability, ensuring prolonged life and reliable performance. Choosing Platinum VRLA batteries not only extends equipment usage but also optimises performance while minimising maintenance and downtime.

Mono Block

The Platinum range of deep cycle batteries provides your equipment with reliable performance for maximum uptime, charging efficiency and the ability to cope with arduous conditions inflicted in each application. Your choice of battery will depend generally on the machinery you operate. Our wide range of deep cycle batteries covers AGM and Wet Flooded meaning whatever the application Platinum has a battery.

For more information on any of our ranges contact our customer services team on 0161 971 5000